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How To Stay Cool In New York City This Summer

July 24, 2018 | 5 min Read

80 and 90 degree temperatures can be rough on the whole family, especially in older buildings without air conditioning. If you are staying in a hotel, like The Lombardy, then you’ll have great AC, at least while you’re inside. But most people don’t come to NYC just to stay in a hotel. That means braving the heat. Here are some of our favorite ways to cool off while enjoying your visit to New York City.

Picnic in the Shade

Even though NYC is known as a concrete jungle, there are several gorgeous parks where you can comfortably lounge in the shade. We suggest getting lunch to go and enjoying the breeze and coverage that the trees offer. Classic options like Central Park, Battery Park, and Prospect Park will offer plenty of space to find the right balance of shade and breeze.

There are several smaller parks around The Lombardy, such as Bryant Park, Peter Detmold Park, St. Catherine’s Park, Robert Moses Playground, and John Jay Park, where you can easily walk from our front door.

For a truly fresh experience, get one of Sweetgreen’s legendary salads to go. Sweetgreen is all over Manhattan, including one right around the corner from our hotel. Their salads are filled with protein, veggies, fruit, and cheese- basically anything you could want, and they have several seasonal options depending on the time of year. Fresh food + fresh park = a cool lunch.

Where? Sweetgreen; 66 E 55th Street, Manhattan (3 minutes walk from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Monday – Friday 10:30am – 10pm; Saturday & Sunday 11:30am – 6pm

Fill Up with a Cold Smoothie

Sometimes, when it is so hot, no matter how many layers of clothes you remove, you still feel like your insides are hot enough to breathe fire. Unfortunately, they haven’t made air conditioning for inside the body quite yet. But that’s why we have smoothies! Fresh fruit and ice are a no-brainer for cooling off in the summer.

Juice is also a not-so-new trend that is a great way to lower your body temperature. Freshly squeezed green, pink, purple, and yellow juice is a great way to get all the nutrients you need, boost your energy, and stay cool.

Juice Press is one of our favorites because it is all over the city, with over 60 locations in NYC. From juice, to smoothie, to cleanses, and even some food, you’ll find plenty of snacks that won’t heat you up.

Where? Juice Press; 625 Madison Ave., Manhattan (6 min walk from The Lombardy Hotel)

Monday – Friday 10:30am – 10pm; Saturday & Sunday 11:30am – 6pm

Hit the Water

Even on the warmest, most windless day, you can find a breeze near the water. Luckily, Manhattan is an island, and we have water on all sides. From sailing on the Hudson to fishing on the East River, to a simple walk in one of the many riverside parks, our rivers are there to cut the heat of the day.

If you aren’t in the mood for the river, then you can head to Manhattan’s own personal lake. Row around The Lake in Central Park with one of their boathouse rentals. A sweet bonding activity with a date or have some fun with your family while staying cool.

Where? Atlantic Yachting; 79th Street Boat Basin, Hudson River Park (30 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

Where? NYHarbor Fishing

The Lake; Midpark, Central Park, Manhattan (10 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

Visit an Aquarium

When the sun is shining and the heat starts to pick up, we suggest escaping to an aquarium. If you’ve ever been to an aquarium before, you know they are usually nice and cool, where you are surrounded by soothing blue panels of water and mesmerizing creatures.

The New York Aquarium has a cool inner conservation hall, as well as an outside aquatheater where you can sit poolside and get splashed during shows with friendly sea lions. Go below the water level and admire sharks, rays, and sea turtles. It’s a great way for the whole family to take a break from the heat.

New York Aquarium; 602 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn (60 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Monday – Thursday 10am – 6pm; Friday – Sunday 10am – 7pm

Staying in New York City - About The Lombardy Hotel

The Lombardy Hotel can gladly keep you cool while you are staying with us. Our rooms are designed to be fresh, cool, and fun year round, despite being in an older historical building. Our central Manhattan location means you are close to all of the parks you could desire, as well as countless juice bars, ice cream parlors, and bars with delightful frozen cocktails. If you have fun and are comfortable during your trip to NYC, then we consider our job well done. We look forward to hosting you!

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