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Celebrating Your Birthday in NYC? NYC Birthday Ideas

July 17, 2018 | 4 min Read

Traveling to New York City for your birthday? Whether this is a bit of self-love or a gift from a significant other, we are confident you’ll have the time of your life. Unforgettable trips are our specialty. We put together this day plan that you can follow or pick your favorites from. Check it out.

The Opener: Breakfast

Besides pizza, what is one of the most iconic pieces of food to come out of New York City? The bagel. Shiny chewy on the outside and soft dense on the inside. The vehicle for cream cheese or the wrapper for a sandwich. Sesame seeds, onion, blueberry, and thousands of other classic and modern combinations. The bagel is as New Yorker as it gets. And it’s the perfect New York breakfast for your birthday; it’s not too heavy so you’ll have plenty of room for later.

Where? Absolute Bagels; 2788 Broadway, Manhattan (25 minutes from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Monday – Sunday 6am – 9pm

The Morning Shopping

If your friends haven’t gotten you anything for your birthday yet, then you’ll need to make sure you go shopping. Besides, who doesn’t like to get themselves a little treat on their own birthdays once in a while? While some of you may be drawn to the world-famous high fashion, others may be looking for something a little more in their budget. Thankfully NYC, specifically Manhattan, is so big, you’ll find something for absolutely everyone.

Where? Barneys New York Downtown; 101 7th Avenue, Manhattan (10 min walk from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Monday & Tuesday 10am – 7pm; Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 8pm; Sunday 11am – 7pm

Where? Fivestory; 18 E 69th St., Manhattan (10 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm; Saturday 12pm – 6pm

Halftime: Lunch

We had a light breakfast and a morning of shopping, so we know lunch has got to be good. Imagine, for a moment, sitting down to eat in a bright, sunlit salon, surrounded by chatter and bread, meat, and cheese. What you’re imagining is a lunch at Rosemary’s. This classic meets modern Italian restaurant is supplied by their very own rooftop garden in the middle of NYC.

Rosemary’s; 18 Greenwich Avenue, Manhattan (25 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Monday – Thursday 8am – 4pm and 5pm – 11pm; Friday 8am – 4pm and 5pm – 12am; Saturday 10am – 4pm and 5pm – 12am; Sunday 10am – 4pm and 5pm – 11pm

The Afternoon Sights

What better way to take in the essence of New York City than with a stroll along the park side of Central Park West. The whole stretch is a one hour walk, or you can pick the 25 minute walk from Columbus Circle to the American Museum of Natural History, where you can take a breather from the sun and peruse one of the best museums in the country.

Central Park; From Columbus Circle to 110th Street, Manhattan (20 min walk from The Lombardy Hotel)

American Museum of Natural History; Central Park West and 79th Street, Manhattan (15 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Daily 10am – 5:45pm

The Birthday Dinner

You were transported to Italy for lunch, so we’ll take you to Mexico for dinner, because where else can you really celebrate your birthday like you deserve it? Besides, if you don’t want to eat too much before dancing, then tacos are the best option. If you go to Tijuana Picnic, then you can pregame with margaritas and head downstairs to the bar after dinner.

Where? Tijuana Picnic; 151 Essex Street, Manhattan (25 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When (Restaurant)? Tuesday & Wednesday 6pm – 12am; Thursday & Friday 6pm – 1am; Saturday 12pm – 4pm and 6pm – 1am

When (Bar)? Thursday 9pm – 3am; Friday & Saturday 7pm – 3am

Staying in New York City - About The Lombardy Hotel

Are you spending your birthday in New York City? We advise you stay in Manhattan, which is where everything is always happening! That way you make the most of your time and celebrate to the max. Here at The Lombardy Hotel, we are ready to make your birthday glow, whether you are coming with friends, family, or a significant other- we have a beautiful place for you to stay. We look forward to hosting you!

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