The Lombardy is located on the Midtown East Side of Manhattan. Our location makes the perfect starting point for your adventure through New York City. Set your own pace as you journey through Manhattan’s legendary landmarks, popular attractions, art galleries, parks, museums and chic boutiques. Our guests enjoy the privilege of our centralized location, and proximity to all local attractions.

New York Essentials

Grand Central Station: Experience the busiest train station in the country while taking in the architectural grandeur of the grand concourse lined with dining and shopping!

Central Park: Take a stroll through the iconic rolling green lawns, or enjoy the views from a classic park bench as you experience the most filmed park in history bustling with life.

Theater District: Reserve your place for a pre-curtain dinner under the magical lights of Broadway and 42nd, and prepare

your senses to be awed by the live stage experience.

Lincoln Center:  Take in the architectural drama and the breathtaking performing arts all at once as you enjoy live stage performances under the architectural artistry of the country’s most well known Performing Arts Center.

Rockefeller Plaza: Stop by for a chance to meet one of your favorite morning TV show hosts or even Late Night comics, but don’t miss the fabulous shopping while you there!

New York Attractions

Time Square: Possibly the most well known, and brilliantly lit intersection in the U.S., Times Square is a “megatron” of commercial and theatrical life and the site of the annual televised New Year’s Eve Celebration. 

Time Warner Center: Yet another architectural vision, the Times Warner building is a twin tower structure with private residences as well as upscale shopping stretched across an atrium bridge that spans the towers. 

The High Line: A linear park stretching 1.45 miles built on an abandoned section of the New York Central Railroad track high above much of the Lower West Side.

The Empire State Building: Stretching into the sky above Midtown Manhattan at 102 stories, the Art Deco style of this iconic building has won recognition for being one of the 7 wonders of the modern world and has been designated a National Historic Landmark. 

The Statue of Liberty: Standing proudly as a symbol of our nation’s unique liberty among the world, this piece of art created by a French sculptor, was a gift from the people of France to honor the U.S. and is a must see visit for anyone new to New York.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral: One of the most famous Roman Catholic Cathedrals and a landmark of New York, this local parish with its Neo-Gothic architectural stylings, stained glass and vibrant organs is a beautiful place to stop and wonder. 

South Street Seaport:  This designated historic district, is situated where Fulton Street meets the East River in Lower Manhattan and is home to numerous restored commercial buildings from the 19th century alongside 21st century shopping, dining, and nightlife. 

Brooklyn Botanical Garden:A breathtaking 52 acre garden including several specialty gardens, plant collections and the Steinhardt Conservatory.

Museums and Arts


The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Known by locals and art enthusiasts as “The Met,” The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest museum in the U.S., and among the most visited in the world, housing more than 2 million works spanning the ages in its permanent collection.

The Museum of Modern Art: Referred to as the most influential museum of modern art in the world, MOMA offers its visitors a wide collection of modern and contemporary art from every art form including sculpting, photography and digital design.

The American Museum of Natural History: Situated across from Central Park in picturesque surroundings, the AMNH houses 45 permanent exhibition halls displaying more than 32 million examples of history spanning, human, plant, animals, fossils, and artifacts from ancient cultures.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: Located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan within a cylindrical structure designed by infamous Frank Lloyd Wright,  The Guggenheim is home to an extensive collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Early Modern and Contemporary Art displayed along a ramp style gallery winding upward toward a skylight.

The Frick Collection: The Frick Collection began as the private collection of Henry Clay Frick, an industrialist whose art enthusiasm amassed his impressive collection within his private residence and was later turned into a small museum for public enjoyment.

The Arts

Carnegie Hall: The famous concert venue built by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in 1891, presents nearly 250 performances each year with genres spanning the realm of both classical and popular music, giving this hall its rightful place as one of the most prestigious in the world.

Radio City Music Hall: This entertainment venue, developed by John D. Rockefeller and nicknamed, “Showplace of the Nation”, is known for its iconic Art Deco style hall that beckons millions of tourists each year for a wide variety of entertainment styles.

Sporting Venues

Madison Square Garden:This indoor arena located in Midtown Manhattan atop Pittsburg Station, facilitates sporting and entertainment events of all sorts including basketball, ice hockey, concerts and even circuses.

Chelsea Piers:Known for their original purpose in the early 1900s as a passenger ship terminal and infamous destination of the Titanic, Chelsea Piers have undergone a complete transformation and are now lined with fresh granite facades that are home to sports clubs as well as film and television production studios.

PNC Bank Arts Center: (Brooklyn) This modern amphitheater presents an average of 40 concerts of various music styles each year during their season from May through September and has been ranked among the top 5 most successful amphitheaters in the country.

Yankee Stadium:(Bronx) The famous home of Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees, this elite stadium is situated on a 24-acre park/complex in the Bronx.

Mets Stadium:(Flushing) Now known as Citi Field, the Mets Stadium is a top baseball stadium located in Flushing; home to MLB’s New York Mets, and built as a replacement for the former Shea Stadium.

Kids Attractions

Central Park Wollman Rink

Victorian Gardens Amusement Park


Central Park Zoo

Tisch Petting Zoo

Central Park Playgrounds

Alice in Wonderland Statue


American Girl Store


Intrepid Sea And Air Museum

Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Imagination Playground at Burling Slip

Rockefeller Park

Bronx Zoo