Weather in NYC

New York is known for everything from hot humidity to epic snowstorms. We’re a city of extremes in many cases, but our weather is fairly mild throughout much of the year. We’re famous for our numerous concerts in our public parks on warm summer days, as well as famous YouTubers who snowboard down our streets in winter.


Whether you are coming to NYC for business, on a mission of exploration, or with your family during school breaks, you will have one pressing question to answer before you can start packing. What should you wear to NYC?

May Weather and Climate

Average Temperature: 53 – 68 Fahrenheit / 12 – 21 Celsius

Average Rainfall: 4.5 inches / 10.7 cm

Average Snowfall: 0

Average Cloud Coverage: 50% cloudy

Hours of Daylight: 13 hours 47 minutes – 14 hours 52 minutes

Average Humidity: 62%


What to Wear:

You can probably leave your winter coat home in May. The temperature is officially warming up, which means you’re definitely in spring! The weather might still be considered chilly to some, which is why layers is still a suggested plan. Bring a rain jacket, but wear a sweater with a normal short-sleeved shirt below or just a long-sleeved shirt. Some will prefer jeans and others shorts. If you are a dress person, then you can definitely get away with it, but you might want to bring leggings just in case.




June and September Weather and Climate

Average Temperature: 60 – 79 Fahrenheit / 16 – 26 Celsius

Average Rainfall: 3.8 inches / 9.7 cm

Average Snowfall: 0

Average Cloud Coverage: June 47%; September 37% cloudy

Hours of Daylight: June: 14 hours 53 minutes – 15 hours 02 minutes; September: 13 hours 05 minutes – 11 hours 48 minutes

Average Humidity: 65-69%


What to Wear:

June and September are two of the best weather months, according to many locals and tourists. As the humidity and temperature rises, layers are going to continue to be your best friend. Light sweaters to cover breathable shirts will work just fine. Jeans and shorts are equally useful. You can still get rained on, so keep this in mind with a light jacket or an umbrella. If you plan on doing lots of walking, you’ll want to bring tank tops or sports clothes that breathe best.


june september


July and August Weather and Climate

Average Temperature: 67 – 84 Fahrenheit / 19 – 29 Celsius

Average Rainfall: 4.1 inches / 10.5 cm

Average Snowfall: 0

Average Cloud Coverage: July 40%; August 37% cloudy

Hours of Daylight: 15 hours 02 minutes – 13 hours 07 minutes

Average Humidity: 65%


What to Wear:

As NYC has some of its longest days and least cloud coverage, the humidity really ramps up. Make sure you have light, breathable clothes, such as t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, and comfortable walking shoes. It still rains, so keep your umbrella on standby, unless you welcome the rain to help cut the heat. It’s about now when New Yorkers forget how cold winter is and start reminiscing.




October Weather and Climate

Average Temperature: 49 – 65 Fahrenheit / 9 – 18 Celsius

Average Rainfall: 3.1 inches / 7.9 cm

Average Snowfall: 0

Average Cloud Coverage: 38% cloudy

Hours of Daylight: 11 hours 45 minutes – 10 hours 28 minutes  

Average Humidity: 67%


What to Wear:

October is one of our personal favorite months for weather. It’s cooler than the height of the summer, yet much warmer than winter. There’s less rain and the sky is still gloriously clear. Short-sleeved shirts with optional sweater or a long-sleeved shirt will be perfect. You might bring a coat in case weather is uncharacteristically cold. Pants and jeans feel good, though some might still work with shorts and skirts. Leggings are ideal since they’re not too warm, but still keep off some of the chill. Bring a good set of options so you can layer as needed.




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