Winter Storms In New York City

Sometimes Mother Nature takes a break from being a winter wonderland and unleashes a winter storm on New York City. It happens around once a year and you never know when. NYC in the winter is such a breathtakingly beautiful place, which is what we were going to write about for this week. Then Winter Storm Stella made an appearance and changed our plans.


It’s appropriate that we decided to change our plans, because that’s what many of you have to do when a storm like this hits. We’re being optimistic about it because we believe that you can still have a lot of fun indoors in situations like this.


Let’s look at some games you and your family can play whether you’re stuck in your house, apartment, or a hotel during a storm.


#1 20 Questions

This first game doesn’t require anything except, at least, two people. That’s why we listed it first. Sometimes you are caught off guard and need to think of a fun way to pass the time without any preparation. This could be the game for you! Great for adults and great for kids!


How To Play: One person thinks of a person, place or thing. The others ask yes-or-no questions, trying to get closer and closer to what the first person is thinking of. You can limit it to 20 questions or not! It’s up to you!



#2 Charades or Pictionary

If you get tired of 20 questions, then you can move on to this more physically involved game. It’s great for creative adults and restless kids alike. And for this one, you don’t need anything more than a piece of paper and a pencil (for Pictionary).


How To Play: One person thinks of a person, place, thing, or activity. (Charades): The person with the idea acts out what they are thinking (without talking!) and people guess what it is. (Pictionary): The rules are similar, but they draw their idea instead of acting and they can’t make any sounds or gestures. Keep track of the person who successfully acts or draws the most correctly guessed items if you want a winner.



#3 Around the Circle

This third game doesn’t require any props either. It’s another guessing game, but this game is more fast-paced. We adapted it from a drinking game, but you can have plenty of fun without any booze (or with booze if you prefer!). It can be as hard or easy as you want it to be.


How To Play: Everyone sits in a circle, around a table or just around the room. You decide the theme (categories or rhymes, for example) and the subject (Category: Hotels; Rhymes: Bug). Then you go around the circle and each person says something that is in that category or rhymes with that word, in order. (For example: The Lombardy Hotel, ect.; Rug, Tug, Lug). If a person can’t think of something, hesitates too much, or repeats a previous answer, they are “out” of the game. The game continues until only one person is left.


Staying in New York City

Nobody wants to be stuck inside during a winter storm, especially if they are just visiting a city. However, if you have to be stuck inside all day, then we suggest you do it at The Lombardy Hotel in Manhattan. We put extra effort into making sure our facilities and amenities are as complete and comfortable as possible, plus we host a truly excellent steakhouse just downstairs, so you’ll have everything you need during your stay. We look forward to hosting you!


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