Manhattan Parks

Manhattan is right in the middle of everything you’d ever dream of doing in NYC. It’s a bridge or tunnel away from Brooklyn and New Jersey. From the middle of the island, where The Lombardy Hotel makes its home, you are an easy subway ride from Lower Manhattan and Harlem, and a ferry ride from Governor’s Island. 


And we’re immensely proud of our public parks. NYC gets a bad rep for being a concrete jungle and devoid of green, but that’s not true at all. We have our fair share of public parks, many of which are walking distance from our own hotel.


Central Park

It’s impossible to talk about public parks in Manhattan and not put Central Park at the top of the list. Sitting pretty at 3.5 square miles and 843 acres, our most famous park boasts activities from ice skating and sledding in the winter to strawberry fields and several gardens for the summer. They even have a museum and a castle for those seeking the domesticated within nature.


Hire a horse carriage, take a bike tour, or attend a concert- all in one giant location. There’s so much to do- books have been written about just this one park! And it’s conveniently located just 6 blocks from our hotel.


Where? Between W 59th St. and W 110th St. to the south/north and between Central Park West and Madison Ave. to the west/east.

Time from The Lombardy: 10 Minutes walking




Bryant Park

Bryant Park is big enough that they have numerous activities year round like games, classes, and of course, the carrousel. But it is also small enough that the towering skyscrapers that surround the park make it seem like a haven in the middle of the city.  If you are visiting during the winter, then you can’t miss out on the festivities of the Bank of America Winter Village.


But no matter when you come, the fresh green lawn, flowing fountains, and busy visitors welcome you.


Where? Bryant Park; Between 40th and 42nd Streets; and 5th and 6th Ave.

Time from The Lombardy: 20 minutes walking




Peter Detmold Park

This little sliver of a park is special in that it rests right along the East River and that it commemorates a very important local hero. Peter Detmold was a war veteran, Cornell University graduate, and residential activist until he was murdered in 1972. This park celebrates his life and the work he did, while giving locals a quiet place to look over the river, sit and read on a bench, or take a fresh walk.


Where? Peter Detmold Park; Between E. 49th and 51st Streets, Besides FDR Drive

Time from The Lombardy: 15 minutes walking


peter park


St. Catherine’s Park

This Upper East Side park is a popular local attraction for families seeking recreation. It has an excellent playground for the kids to enjoy, as well as a running track, basketball court, handball court, and tennis wall. Whether you are looking to take your family or get some exercise in, this park is a close option, especially if you’ve already explored Central Park.


Where? St. Catherine’s Park; 1 Ave., between E. 67 St. To E. 68 St.

Time from The Lombardy: 20 minutes walking




Robert Moses Playground

Located just south of the United Nations Headquarters, this park is 1.3 acres of playground, basketball courts, and handball courts. It has places to walk as well as areas where you can let your dogs loose to play. And for something extra special, you can try and catch roller hockey games that the East End Hockey Association has been holding in the playground since 1072.


Where? Robert Moses Playground; 1 Ave., between E. 41 St. and E. 42 St.

Time from The Lombardy: 25 minutes walking




John Jay Park

The highlight of this Upper East Side park is its 145 foot swimming pool, where swimmers from all around the area enjoy exercise laps, or a way to cool off in the summer. This park also has a basketball court for a good game of community or family ball. The park itself is also a delightful place to take a peaceful stroll.


Where? John Jay Park; FDR Dr., E 76 St. To E 78 St.

Time from The Lombardy: 35 minutes walking




Staying in New York City – About The Lombardy Hotel

The Lombardy Hotel prides itself on its convenient Manhattan location. These six parks are just a few of the many, uncountable attractions that you can find within walking distance of the hotel. If you are in NYC on vacation or for business, our hotel will provide you with a home that is close to everything you plan on doing. We look forward to hosting you.


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