This New Year is for New Things

With the passing of each year, we reflect on all of the good and bad that we have experienced the last 365 days. No matter what country you’re reading this from…no matter how you celebrate the holidays…no matter how you vote or what you believe, we can all come together and acknowledge that 2017 was a real challenge.


But instead of focusing on the past, we want to welcome the new year by dreaming about the future. That is why we gathered three extra special new things you can do in New York City this next year that will help get your through anything from the boredom of routine to the craziness of global change.


#1 Spend a Night Pampering Yourself in Manhattan

This one goes out to tourists and New Yorkers alike. Sometimes you just need to get away and treat yourself like royalty to make everything feel better. The Lombardy Hotel is the perfect magical destination where you can forget about worries and focus on what matters: you. Find uniquely decorated rooms, a centralized Manhattan location close to just about everything, and service that will make you feel like a million bucks.


Where: 111 East 56th Street (Between Park and Lexington Avenues)



#2 Connect with nature in one of NYC’s other parks

While many tourists flock immediately to Central Park, many local’s preferred spot is The Battery park in Lower Manhattan. Between the cultural and heritage centers and museums around, you won’t be bored for a second. The park itself is charming with gardens, art, and walking paths that will center you with nature and give you a different experience than the average tourist.


Where: The Battery, Lower Manhattan (25 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)



#3 Listen to music for your soul with free concerts by the best

The Juilliard School of Music is famous for providing the world with breathtakingly amazing musicians and performers. It’s only fitting that they give some of the best concerts in the city. It’s one of the best places to find free, quality performances. Whether you are a concert pro looking for something new or a music novice looking for the best, you will find it here year round.


Where: Juilliard School: 60 Lincoln Center Plz, New York (15 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)



Staying in New York City

The Lombardy Hotel is the perfect location for those looking to try new things in this new year.  We are centrally located, which means we are close to so many new experiences. Even if you’ve been to New York a hundred times, I bet we can still find something new and unique you haven’t tried yet. We are here to help you have the best stay. We look forward to seeing you in 2018!


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