If you are an art aficionado, New York City is the place to be. We could name countless galleries, museums, and theaters without reaching the end of the list. With such a wide influence, it’s only natural that there are artists everywhere in NYC. Whether they grew up walking the streets of New York, or decided the Big Apple was the place to pursue their artistic vision, we are proud they are part of our community. Here are six artists you should definitely follow on Instagram and see their contribution to the New York City cultural environment.

Shantell Martin @shantell_martin

Born and raised in England, Shantell Martin now resides in New York City and has something to say. With her explorative, quirky black and white drawings, she wants people to look deep within and ask themselves: WHO ARE YOU? Illustrating themes such as philosophy, identity, play, and education, Shantell moves around her performance and relationship with art to present a unique sense of image and illustration. We are more than happy to have such an interesting soul running the New York streets.

Website: https://shantellmartin.art

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Leah Paterson @atenderwitch

We are all magical, and Leah Paterson is determined to help us out. Her illustration work focuses on empowering the feminine forces, including the tiny traces of magic in them. Feeling a little angsty? Leah will make sure to illustrate something that will resonate with you. Her unapologetic and liberating work reminds us that NYC is a place for everyone. No matter how loud and intense or timid and reserved, you will always be welcome in New York City.

Website: https://www.liahpaterson.com

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Buff Monster @buffmonster

Life can be tough sometimes and Buff Monster is here to make the world a better place. Using explosive colors and bold lines, this NYC street artist gives a spotlight to his funny characters and makes sure to put a smile on your face. Influenced by heavy metal music and pop art, he started to put his work up on walls. Now, he is a legacy with international brands and with his own line of collectibles and merchandise. Despite his world tours, he still makes time to return to NYC and cheer us up with his work.

Website: https://www.buffmonster.com

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Nick Onken @nickonken

With a saturated and colorful lifestyle, Nick Onken has taken the world of photography by the storm. Focusing on portraits, Onken takes a simple moment and captures it with warm and joyful hues. He has photographed pop culture icons as well as people who inspired him along his world travels. Determined to lift up people’s spirits, he also works on word-inspired murals. He hosts his own podcast, where he tackles subjects like creativity and business, as well as the tools to keep those two functioning. So, if you want to be part of his uplifting lifestyle and positive outlook, make sure to check his social media.

Website: https://nickonken.com

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Beau Stanton @beaustanton

When you have something to say, you need the biggest canvas possible and more than one way to express yourself. Beau Stanton moves from paintings to murals to large scale installations to mosaics to basically anything he can get his hands on. Inspired by historic ornamentation, the classical periods of painting, and religious iconography, his works are incredibly detailed and striving for a sense of elegance and warmth. Originally from California, Beau Stanton relocated to New York and continues to live and work in Brooklyn, while connecting with his clients worldwide.

Website: http://www.beaustanton.com/

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Hugo Mccloud @hugomccloudstudio

The good thing about art is that it never stays in one form. Constantly changing and exploring, Hugo Mccloud knows the benefit of mixing techniques and not restricting himself to only one method. Searching and testing how different materials work together, Mccloud now produces paintings with the metallic texture of aluminum, bitumen, or tar with the classic sensation of paint. He doesn’t restrain himself at all, taking his masterpieces to the floor or introducing torching or hammering to his canvas. His most recent group exhibition, A Constellation was displayed at The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York.

Website: https://www.skny.com/artists/hugo-mccloud

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Staying in New York City – About The Lombardy Hotel

Hosting and providing everyone a high quality hotel service is an artform on its own. Come and relax at our beautiful suites and rooms while enjoying our deliciously crafted food in the  steak house downstairs. Minutes away from the most important museums and galleries, The Lombardy hotel is no stranger to this beautiful form of expression. We will be delighted to host you whether for business or pleasure.

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