Traveling to New York City soon? Interested in getting some exercise while in the city, or just not wanting to spend a lot on taxis? Cycling around NYC is a great way to really see the city, experience the culture, save some money, and get some exercise while on vacation.

However, some people might be a little nervous at the idea of flying through the streets of New York City on two wheels. We’d like to give you some peace of mind and another option for your NYC transport.  


1) Is it safe to bike in NYC?  


Biking in NYC doesn’t have to be a nightmare. People who ride every day claim they wouldn’t go back. Experienced NYC cyclists say that one of the things that make biking dangerous are the slippery wet streets. But who really wants to bike in winter if they don’t have to anyways. Stick to summer and you should be safe.

Other experienced cyclists say that pedestrians make the streets more dangerous than other drivers. They suggest keeping to the bike paths and driving slowly in order to avoid run-ins with walkers.

Wearing a helmet is a must, especially if you aren’t used to biking on NYC streets. Many cyclists also suggest wearing eye protection when zooming down streets.

You should also make sure you are adequately locking up your bike when you leave it by itself. Better safe than sorry!




2) What’s the best bike rental in NYC?  


Citi Bike is, without a doubt, the best bike rental in New York City. They have bike stations every several blocks around Manhattan and Brooklyn where you can pick up your bike and start riding.

If you’re planning on being in NYC for an extended period of time, you can become a member, or you can buy a short term bike pass on their app. 30 minute rides cost $3 and an unlimited day pass costs $12.

There are two Citi bike stations within a block of The Lombardy as well so you are set to go right from our front door.




3) What are the bike rules in NYC?


Biking rules are the same in NYC as in any other city.


  • Follow traffic laws. Cyclists have to follow the same light and sign rules as motorists in New York and New Jersey. Stop at red lights and stop signs. Yield when indicated. Stay in your (bike) lane.
  • Ride in the same direction as cars. This isn’t just a safety issue, it is a legal issue. Cyclists are required by law to ride with traffic and stay in the bike lanes. When there aren’t any bike lanes available, then it is suggested to ride as far right as possible.
  • Stay off sidewalks. This is important, especially as experienced cyclists claim pedestrians are the biggest safety issues based on how many there are and how unpredictable they are.
  • Yield to pedestrians. By law, bikes must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and intersections.
  • Use hand signals to indicate when turning left or right. Extend your left arm out straight to indicate a left turn. Stick your right arm straight out to indicate a right turn. Or you can extend your left arm out and bend the arm upward at a 90 degree angle.   




4) Where should I ride my bike in NYC?


Planning your route carefully before embarking on your ride is a must for NYC biking. You should know what to expect on your path before starting. The Citi Bike site has maps of all of their stations, as well as common routes.

One of the most common routes is the Southern Loop of Central Park. It’s the perfect ride because there are not cars on the weekends and during some schedules during the week. Central Park is one of the most beautiful places in the whole city.

The Hudson River Greenway is a great way to get around the city while avoiding cars. The bike path is completely closed to car traffic. Plus, it’s a ride along the Hudson River, which never disappoints.

Another great NYC park for biking is the Prospect Park Path in Brooklyn. The path is almost three and a half miles and is great for those who aren’t super experienced cyclists, as well as the pros.




Staying in New York City – About The Lombardy Hotel


Whether you choose to take convenient taxis, explore the subway, or adventure on your bike, The Lombardy Hotel is always here for you at the end of the day. We are located right in the middle of Manhattan, close to Central Park, and surrounded by bike paths. We are proud to be one of the best hotels in Midtown Manhattan. We look forward to hosting you!

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