The Chelsea Market is one of those iconic NYC locations that everyone has heard about. Whether you know it as the origin of the Oreo, as a shopping complex, office building, or the new $2.4 billion Google acquisition, at least you’ve heard of it.


Where? Chelsea Market; 75 9th Avenue, Manhattan (25 min from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Monday – Saturday 7am – 2am; Sunday 8am – 10pm

Chelsea Market History

The Chelsea Market has a ton of history in New York. Originally known as a factory of the National Biscuit Company, known today as Nabisco. This is, in fact, where they invented the oreo in 1912.


Nabisco moved out in 1959, leaving behind 19 buildings and a bridge connecting the factory to the former Nabisco offices. Chelsea Market, more or less as we know it, was opened in 1997, after 38 years of abandonment.


Chelsea Market History


Chelsea Market Today

Today, the Chelsea Market is famous as a shopping hall, food center, office building, and even as a television production facility. The complex fills a whole block in Lower Manhattan. The website advertises 59 shops, bakeries, restaurants, and bookstores, which doesn’t even include the myriad of pop-up shops and rotating vendors that come through.


Here are some noteworthy places to visit.


Food? Try Mŏkbar

Korean soup meets Japanese ramen noodles. Take your ramen to go as you peruse the market, or sit down and watch the chef make your food in front of you. And don’t leave before trying the traditional and seasonal kimchi chef Esther Choi makes with love.


Where? Mŏkbar

When? Sunday – Thursday 11am – 9pm; Friday & Saturday 11am – 10pm  


Food_ Try Mŏkbar


Clothes? Try Anthropologie

While this store is by no means a small business, Anthropologie’s goal of making women feel beautiful, hopeful, and connected is a good one. Their clothes are full of bold colors, interesting textures, and bright patterns. Find home decor, toiletries, and more fun and cute items at this shop.


Where? Anthropologie

When? Monday – Saturday 10am – 9pm; Sunday 10am – 8pm

Baked Goods? Try Fat Witch Bakery

If this is what it means to be on the dark side of things, then count us in. All you need to see are all of their brownies, blondies, lemon bars, and other delectable treats to get your mouth watering.


Where? Fat Witch Bakery  

When? Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm; Sunday 9am – 8pm


Baked Goods_


Coffee? Try Chalait

The only thing better than delicious coffee and matcha, is coffee and matcha served over ice cream, which is one of the amazing treats you can try at Chalait. The drinks are aesthetically pleasing and the toasts and bowls look good enough to decorate your house with.


Where? Chalait  

When? Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm; Saturday & Sunday 9am – 4pm




Unique Chelsea Market Finds

The above locations are some of the classics you’ll find at the Chelsea Market, but these old buildings hold several more unique options as well. Find a flower shop, a barber shop, a hot sauce shop, eye glasses, and an antique bookstore.


The Chelsea Market building itself is fascinating and full of history. The shops are diverse and full of fun and delicious things. Go for an hour or an afternoon!

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