There are many ways to carry New York City’s vibe wherever you go. Aside from the classic I NYC T-shirts, we think music is a great way to keep the Big Apple in your heart. There’s so many iconic tunes that remind us of the wonderful city that never sleeps. From jazz to hip-hop and everything in between, we’re listing 8 songs you can listen to when you are missing NYC.


1) New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

Simply a classic. New York, New York performed by Frank Sinatra has become an anthem to represent the city. The song itself describes the longing of waking up in the city that never sleeps and if you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere. With the iconic trumpets and upbeat drums, it’s impossible not to feel inspired to buy a ticket and leave on the next plane to NYC.


2) Harlem Blues – Nat King Cole

Sung by Nat King Cole in his velvet tenor voice, Harlem Blues reminds us how without that special someone in our life, NYC just isn’t the same. The playful rhythm makes us want to stroll the Harlem streets longing for a sweet old love. This song might have been released in the 60’s, but it still makes us remember NYC as a place for romance and bittersweet goodbyes.


3) Manhattan – Dinah Washington

This musical love letter to New York is the perfect song to listen to when you need a sweet tune to relax. Dinah’s scratchy yet smooth voice reminds us of a lovely stroll in Central Park during the spring. Pop in your earbuds, go for a walk, and listen to Manhattan to relive your New York City fondest memories.


4) Empire State of Mind (Part II) – Alicia Keys  

Another NYC anthem, Alicia Keys captures the soul and energy of the New York dream. This hip-hop/ R&B song puts a bounce in your step, no way you can escape the New York state of mind when listening to this beat!




5) Autumn In New York – Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong

Though we love New York City during every season, there is something magical about autumn. Ella Fitzgerald alongside Louis Armstrong remind us of this beautiful season, taking us on a journey through iconic New York places under the shimmering autumn light.


6) New York Groove – Ace Frehley

You might leave New York, but New York won’t leave you. This Kiss solo album song is exactly what you need when reminiscing about New York. Blast this song on your speakers and enjoy the sweet victory of being transported back to NYC.


7) Brooklyn Girls – Catey Shaw

Brooklyn Girls is the upbeat song to recall those crazy nights with our pals in the city. There is nothing like running around the city with your best friends trying to grab a cab at the end of the night. This song sticks with you and all those fun times!



8) New York State of Mind – Billy Joel

You know it’s a Billy Joel classic when the piano riff starts and you get lost in a melody. New York State of Mind reminds us that no matter where you are, you know the only place you will ever want to go back to is New York City.


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