March is a motivational month in New York City because this month is when the weather finally starts warming up after freezing temperatures of the winter months. There’s less rain and the sun starts making a consistent appearance. March is when we start seeing the beginnings of spring.


While March is still shaking off the vestiges of winter, it’s when we start looking forward to April, when the city enters full bloom. And of course, there’s always the early blooming daffodils to brighten up our parks with their sunny yellow petals.


While the temperatures are still chilly, they’re a far cry from the freezing temperatures that dominate December, January, and February. Let’s look at some activities you can do to usher in spring in NYC.


#1 A Brisk Walk In Central Park

We mention Central Park a lot, but how can we not when it features so many famous landmarks and hidden gems that even locals never get to see all of it? March is a good time to break out your walking shoes and explore the park. If you pay attention, you’ll start to see the wildlife emerging from their winter naps. You also can’t miss the abundance of yellow daffodils in the central gardens and woodland areas.   


Where? Central Park; 5th Ave. and 59th Street, Manhattan (10 min walk from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Daily 6am – 1am




#2 Admire The Daffodils At The New York Botanical Gardens

We had to bring up daffodils again because they are some of our favorite flowers. Early to rise, they signal that spring is just around the corner. Visit these botanical gardens where they have a hill that is literally called Daffodil Hill and a valley called- you guessed it- Daffodil Valley. Also find mini daffodils in their Rock Garden!


Where? New York Botanical Gardens; 2900 Southern Blvd, Bronx (40 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 6pm




#3 Bird Watching in Prospect Park  

As the weather warms up, migratory birds start thinking of home in the north. Catch sight of them as they pack their bags and start their journey up north from parks around the city, but especially in Prospect Park which boasts more than 250 species of birds to spot.


Where? Prospect Park; Prospect Park West and Prospect Park Southwest (35 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Daily 5am – 1am




#4 A Walking Tour On The High Line

A park built above the streets. You don’t see that every day. Take advantage of the warmer weather to head over and join a walking tour with volunteers who can explain the history and design. (Hint: It was built on an elevated freight rail line). The park features mini forests, overlooks, and water features and is something you cannot leave NYC without visiting.


Where? High Line Park, 34th Street and 12th Ave., Manhattan (25 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Daily 7am – Sunset  


#5 Enjoy A Drink At Delancey Rooftop Bar

Paninis, pizzas, cocktails and palm trees are what await you at this modern and hip club. Sip on a drink or nibble on a pizza with friends surrounded by one of the only all-weather rooftop gardens in New York City. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the music.


Where? The Delancey; 168 Delancey Street, Manhattan (20 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Monday – Sunday 5pm – 4am   




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