Whether you are a fan of the cold or not, there is one undeniable fact, NYC during the winter months is simply beautiful. From the late stages of fall with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to welcoming the New Year with the Ball Drop in Times Square, the winter months are full of celebrations and joy.

However, if this is your first time visiting NYC during the winter, you might feel a little bit overwhelmed by the cold. Worry not, here a few tips for your winter stay to be a pleasant as possible.


1) What should I wear for the NYC winter?

First of all, invest in good quality warm clothes, boots, and accessories. Because of the hassle of changing into and out of winter clothes everything you go indoors or outdoors, you won’t want to wear too much clothing either. Choose quality over quantity.  Look for a nice and cozy insulated winter jacket and make sure it doesn’t close in too tight, since you will want some space for a long sleeve shirt and even a sweater.

We know the cozy-looking boots might seem like a warm choice, but what you really want is to keep your feet safe and dry. So, look for waterproof winter boots with a good grip underneath. Trust us, you don’t want to fall on the black ice that forms on the sidewalks. For extra warmth, make sure to use thick socks and always carry an extra pair! Thankfully, there are some attractive winter footwear options, so if you’re lucky, you can stay warm and dry without feeling self conscious.

Scarfs and gloves are your best friends! Not only they shield you from the wind, but they offer extra coverage while you are walking. There are plenty of options from where to chose, so just be sure to pick the ones that suits you the best.


2) Take the warmth with you!

There are always subtle ways to keep yourself warm, and one of them is carrying a hand-warming pocket. Carry these little guys with you to hold onto something warm, without being too bulky or ugly. You can either find recrystallized pockets that last about 30 minutes or platinum catalysts that last 24 hours.

Since most of these are disposable, those looking for a more sustainable option can make their own hand warmer. Find two pieces of cloth about 3.5 inches square and sew three sides together. Fill the bag ¾ full with uncooked rice and sew the pocket closed. You can pop these in a microwave for 15-20 seconds and you will have a warm cozy pocket waiting for you.

3) Plan your routes ahead of time

NYC is all about public transportation, so make sure to check out the best routes to your planned destinations before going outside in the cold. There’s nothing worse than needing to take off your gloves to check your phone in cold weather.


4) Find the best of NYC indoors

Museums, theaters, shops, and restaurants are the perfect places to visit during the winter. Avoid parks, zoos, and monuments on your first days if you haven’t gotten used to the chilly winds. Just remember, many stores and destinations offer a different winter schedule and might be closed during certain holidays. Double check before heading out.

If you are interested in sightseeing and you want to walk around the Big Apple, it’s possible to plan outdoor routes that protect you from the worst of the wind. Make sure to avoid avenues where there isn’t much protection from the elements and look for streets where buildings may cover you a bit more. Thankfully, in NYC, this is possible with our skyscrapers.

5) Drink away the cold

Winter season means hot chocolate, peppermint lattes, and ginger tea. It’s no secret that warm beverages are a must during these cold months. If the cold gets to be too much for you, find shelter in one of the many coffee houses NYC has to offer. Relax and enjoy a warm cup of your favorite drink in a cozy coffee shop. It’s one of the best places to enjoy NYC snow too.

If you have gotten used to the cold and are more comfortable walking and exploring NYC, you can even carry your own thermos. Some coffee shops accept your thermos and will give you your favorite drink to-go.


There are many ways to stay warm during the winter in NYC. What is your favorite?


Staying in New York City – About The Lombardy Hotel

The Lombardy Hotel is your warm haven at the end of a long day sightseeing around chilly New York City. We plump up your blankets with extra care to make sure you have a comfortable place to rest your feet. Warm up with a hot drink from our coffee shop, fill up with steak from American Cut Steakhouse, or get your blood flowing at our in-house hotel gym. And remember, The Lombardy is here to make your trip to NYC as comfortable and good as possible. We look forward to hosting your stay!

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