Weather in NYC

NYC sees tourists and visitors year round. However, sometimes visitors might not be prepared to face the cold and sometimes frigid temperatures of NYC in winter. Make sure you are prepared for your winter vacation, especially if you are vacationing with kids in New York City. Take a look at the specs for these six months in the second part of our NYC weather compilation.

January and February Weather and Climate

Average Temperature: 25 – 40 Fahrenheit / -4 – 4 Celsius

Average Rainfall: 3.2 inches / 8.2 cm

Average Snowfall: 7 – 8.8 inches / 17.8 – 22.4 cm

Average Cloud Coverage: 48% cloudy

Hours of Daylight: 9 hours 19 minutes – 11 hours 14 minutes  

Average Humidity: 60%


What to Wear:

You are going to need warmth if you are visiting during these months. Choose layers, since you’ll feel the difference between the frigid streets and heated buildings. Make sure to bring a winter coat that is water/snow resistant and able to serve you for sub-zero temperatures. Long pants and jeans should be sufficient, unless you get caught in a storm. Those accustomed to the cold can get away with a sturdy pair of leggings, on warm days, if their coat is long enough. Scarves, gloves, and hats are great because they can be taken off and stowed easily if things warm up. Warm boots are a must.


January and February


March Weather and Climate

Average Temperature: 34 – 49 Fahrenheit / 1 – 9 Celsius

Average Rainfall: 3.8 inches / 9.7 cm

Average Snowfall: 3.6 inches / 9.1 cm

Average Cloud Coverage: 50% cloudy

Hours of Daylight: 11 hours 17 minutes – 12 hours 38 minutes  

Average Humidity: 57%


What to Wear:

As the average snowfall lessons, the average rainfall rises. NYC is known for having epic puddles, so make sure you bring rainboots, or at least footwear that will survive the splashes. You’ll still want to bring a hefty winter coat, as temperatures can still get pretty low, even though we’re officially averaging above freezing temperatures. Again, jeans, pants, heavy leggings, as well as hats, scarves, and gloves will all be necessary as NYC can still feel like winter in March.




April and November Weather and Climate

Average Temperature: 41 – 60 Fahrenheit / 5 – 16 Celsius

Average Rainfall: 4 inches / 10.3 cm

Average Snowfall: .5 inches / 1.1 cm

Average Cloud Coverage: 50-55% cloudy

Hours of Daylight: April: 12 hours 41 minutes – 13 hours 55 minutes; November: 10 hours 25 minutes – 9 hours 30 minutes

Average Humidity: 55 – 63%


What to Wear:

We lumped April and November in together since they have such similar temperatures, rainfall, and snowfall averages. Rainboots are an absolute must. You’ll basically need rainboots year-round in NYC. Don’t forget your coat, though much of the time you’ll probably get away with a sturdy sweater, except when it rains, when you’ll want an umbrella or rain jacket. Most will be wearing pants or heavy leggings, though a few brave may venture out in shorts and skirts.


April and November


December Weather and Climate

Average Temperature: 30 – 42 Fahrenheit / -1 – 6 Celsius

Average Rainfall: 3.6 inches / 9.1 cm

Average Snowfall: 4.8 inches / 12.2 cm

Average Cloud Coverage: 54% cloudy

Hours of Daylight: 9 hours 28 minutes – 9 hours 18 minutes  

Average Humidity: 62%


What to Wear:

You definitely need to invest in a solid winter coat if you’re visiting in December. And bring the warm boots. Between your coat and boot, normal pants or jeans are usually enough, though you might want to layer your socks. Hat, gloves, and scarf are items you should not leave your hotel without. You can take them off and put them on easily and they will keep the worst of the cold from your skin. Layers are your friend for cold NYC days!




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