As exciting as the concrete jungle might seem, nothing compares to the real wild life. Cheetahs chasing after antelopes, monkeys climbing trees as tall as buildings, and the adorably clumsy yet elegant swim of penguins in the arctic sea. Even though, we do appreciate those things outside of our streets, let’s face it, no one wants to be running late for a meeting because a panther decided to chase them down Fifth Avenue. Luckily, NYC has invested a lot of time and capital on preserving and caring for different animal centers and zoos in all five boroughs.


If you are an animal lover or just want to look for something different to do during your stay in NYC with your kids, we have listed the top 5 activities you can participate in at  the closest zoo to The Lombardy Hotel, the Central Park Zoo.

1) 4D Theater

One of the most enjoyable activities you can book during your zoo visit. Often showing fun, light-hearted short films, the 4D theater experience will be the perfect way to start your day, or perhaps if you get a little bit tired of walking in the sun, you could take a break from the elements but not from the fun. Quick note, this is available for kids aged 6 up, so be sure to keep that in mind. It is also equipped to give access to wheelchairs and assistive listening, if needed.

2) Sea Lions and Penguin Feedings

Throughout the day, you can be part of the sea lion and penguin feedings. These adorable cuddly animals will come out of their dens to be fed by one of the staff or volunteer members. This is the perfect time to see all of the different types of penguins and the dorky sea lions. Also, if you happen to have any questions, the person in charge of the feeding will be able to attend any queries  or curiosities you may have about the animals or the zoo itself. Sea lion feedings happen at 11:30 am and 3:30 pm, while the penguin feedings are scheduled for 10:30am and 2:30 pm.


3) Tisch Children Zoo

If you decide to take a day off and go with your kids to the zoo, you definitely have to visit the Tisch Children Zoo. This space was perfectly designed to keep the kids busy and active. From climbing, digging, to feeding animals, to interactive displays, the Children Zoo wants to wake up the curious and joyful self in all of us. With goats, zebu, and the only cow in all Manhattan, this section of the Central Park Zoo will definitely be worth your while.

4) Allison Maher Stern Snow Leopard

These magnificent felines will be more than honored to display their marvelous fur for you. Being a species that lives far into the snowy mountains of Asia, they are hardly known. They are also in the list of endangered species, so it’s a privilege our Central Park Zoo is making the effort to preserve these beautiful leopards. The zoo displays three snow leopards and you can visit their exhibition year-round. Keep in mind leopards are nervous creatures, so it’s best to not be rowdy and appreciate them respectfully.

5) Temperate Territory

To finish your visit to the Central Park Zoo, you have to visit the Temperate Territory. If you are a fan of all things cute and extraordinary, you need to take a look at the red pandas and snow monkeys that are exhibited in this area. You will also find cranes walking around this spot, too. The reason why we think this is the perfect place to end your zoo visit is because of its relaxing ambiance. Red pandas are usually playful and enjoy to spend their downtime napping on tree branches, while the snow monkeys are worldwide known for relaxing in natural hot springs.


Staying in New York City – About The Lombardy Hotel

We welcome you to The Lombardy Hotel. Don’t worry, there are no jungle messes here. We make sure everything is perfect during your stay. From giving you the welcome you deserve at our front desk, to helping you with everything you need for your farewell. We look forward to host you.

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