Do you ever feel like you need to stand up and sing your troubles away with backup dancers, light shows, and a choir?  Well, you might not be under the spotlight this time, but you can surely find a lot of musical moments in our most famous avenue: Broadway.

Broadway has been a part of New York City for centuries. Slowly but surely, it has become the place with the highest quality and most prestigious musical performances in the English-spoken commercial theater community. Just last year, Broadway was responsible for engrossing US$1,697,458,795 in all-year performances! These are shows you just can’t miss on your vacation in New York. To help you out, here are 5 Broadway musicals you can book now.

1) Hamilton

We will take our shot with Hamilton any day. The musical story of America’s founding father, Alexander Hamilton, was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, based on the book by Ron Chernowelia: Alexander Hamilton. The musical focuses on the young and revolutionary days of Alexander and his friends, and transitions to his life in the heavy and brutal political environment of fledgling America. Most musicals would pride themselves on their lyrical performances, however, Hamilton decided to take a different approach, being a musical that’s mostly rapped. With multiple awards and incredible reviews, this is a musical you can’t miss.


2) Be More Chill

Not all musicals focus on the tragic story of lovers, family quarrels, and devastated fortunes. Some of them just talk about the life of teenagers and their Artificial Intelligence bot telling them how to be cool and survive high school. Oh, yeah, didn’t you know sci-fi musicals are a thing? Be More Chill started as an off-Broadway musical and is now making its way to the big curtains. The story follows Jeremy, a “loser” who wants to be cool enough to make his crush, Christine, swoon. How will he do it? By taking a Japanese-manufactured pill to make him cool, obviously.  Rock jams and fun, heart-touching pop melodies are some of the few genres you will listen to if you go and Be More Chill.

3) Mean Girls

Who could forget this classic 2000s film? The only thing better than the film itself would be 2 hours and 30 minutes of Regina George singing about how fetch is never going to happen. Following the same story line as the film, the Mean Girls musical focuses on the increasing tension as Cady becomes the new Queen Bee. Since it’s release, it has become the new Mean Musical. If you decide to give the high school jungle freak musical a chance, make sure to do it on Wednesday. Why? ‘Cause on Wednesdays, we wear pink. Obviously.


4) The Lion King

Probably the oldest musical on the list, the Lion King is still one of the best and most relevant musicals in Broadway. With time, comes experience and every show of the Lion King gets better and better. Not only will you be enjoying classics like “Circle of Life”, “Be Prepared”, and “Can’t You Feel the Love Tonight?” but you will also see the most elaborate puppets and costumes in a musical dancing production. Every detail is planned and executed perfectly, making sure you experience a show of a lifetime. If you could only pick one musical to watch, make sure it’s this one. Remember who you are and be part of the Lion King musical experience.

5) Dear Evan Hansen

This musical touches the hearts of many with its honest and vulnerable subjects. The musical tells the story of anxious senior student Evan Hansen and how, after a misunderstanding with the school’s bad kid and his death, Evan makes a name for himself that he didn’t earn. Everyone makes mistakes and this musical will not take any of them slightly. The musical score goes from uplifting pieces to devastating lyrics and the actors’ performances are spot on. Finish your NYC visit with this spectacular show.


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