Picture this: you are stuck in the world’s worst traffic jam and the museum you have been dying to go to is about to close. Traffic can be unpredictable, especially in a new city. Don’t let these silly things ruin your NYC visit. New York City is filled with interesting places to visit, and our strategic location in Midtown means you are just 15 minutes away from a lot of NYC’s attractions.

1) Bloomingdale’s Skybridge – 4 minute walk

Everybody enjoys a little shopping. However, if you visit the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street store, you can walk through their skybridge and appreciate NYC from a new angle. It makes for a beautiful picture from below, as well.

Where: Bloomingdale’s; 1000 Third Avenue, Manhattan

When: Monday – Wednesday 10am – 8:30pm, Friday 7am – 10pm, Saturday 9am – 10pm, Sunday 10am – 9pm


2) Paul Rudolph’s 23 Beekman Place – 6 minute walk

One of the original Paul Rudolph structure designs is walking distance from the Lombardy Hotel. After three major renovations, 23 Beekman Place has became an innovative and unique residence. You might only be able to see the inside from the website, but you can appreciate the outside of this gorgeous NYC townhouse.

Where: 23 Beekman Place; Beekman Place, Manhattan


3) Rockefeller Center – The Channel Gardens – 7 minute walk

As seasons change, so does the Channel Gardens at the Rockefeller Center. No matter the time of the year, these wonderfully crafted flower gardens and fountain will be a refreshing attraction.  

Where: The Channel Gardens; 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan


4) Central Park – Gapstow Bridge – 7 minute walk

Sometimes we just want a breather, and the Gapstow Bridge might be that spot for you to take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy a classic Central Park sight while surrounded by beautiful trees and a tranquil pond.

Where: Gapstow Bridge; 62nd Street, Central Park, Manhattan


5) Grand Central Terminal – 10 minute walk

One of the most iconically designed architectural marvels in NYC is Grand Central Terminal. Even if you are not taking a train or planning a trip, just sitting in the Grand Central Terminal is a breathtaking experience.

Where: Grand Central Terminal; 89 East 42nd Street, Manhattan

When: Every day 5:30am – 2am  



6) Central Park – Lombard Lamp – 10 minute walk

A gift given by the City of Hamburg, the Lombard Lamp is a beautifully sculpted street lamp. If you walk through here, make sure to snap a picture!

Where: Lombard Lamp; East Drive at 60th Street, Central Park, Manhattan

When: Every day 10am – 3am   


7) The Grand Tour – 11 minute walk

The Grand Central neighborhood holds many important buildings and historical spots. Learn all about them in a free, no-reservation walking tour provided by the Grand Central Partnership.

Where: The Grand Tour; 120 Park Avenue, southwest corner of East 42nd Street, Manhattan

When: Every Friday at 12:30pm


8) World’s Largest Chess Board – 11 minute walk

Public chess matches have long been one of NYC’s favorite hobbies. If you want to view the world’s largest chess board, be sure to walk to the 767 Third Avenue Building north wall on Wednesdays to see the next strategic match.

Where: 767 Third Avenue Building; 767 Third Avenue, Manhattan

When: Every Wednesday at 12pm   


9) Hallett Nature Sanctuary – 13 minute walk

Walk around this four-acre forested Central Park wonderland and enjoy nature whenever you want to escape the heavy city ambience. Since it is one of NYC’s most cared natural spots, you will have to schedule an official tour with the Sanctuary’s Conservancy guides.

Where: Hallett Nature Sanctuary; East side from 60th-62nd Street, Central Park

When: Every day 10am – 5:30pm


10) Rockefeller Center – Top of the Rock Observation Deck – 13 minute walk

View NYC like you haven’t ever before. The Rockefeller Center has an observation deck you can visit and take in the stunning view of the city that never sleeps.

Where: Top of the Rock; 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan

When: Every day 8am – 12am   


11) Delacorte Clock – 14 minute walk

Between 8am and 6pm you can enjoy the nursery tunes played by the Delacorte Clock in Central Park. Visit this monument and take a moment to visit the Children’s Zoo, too!

Where: Delacorte Clock; East 65th Street and, 5th Ave, Central Park, Manhattan

When: Every day 8am – 6pm   


12) Chrysler Building – 14 minute walk

The Chrysler Building is one of NYC’s most famous buildings. This is a must see during your visit to NYC. Formerly the tallest building in 1930, it’s still in the top 100 of tallest buildings in the world.

Where: Chrysler Building; 405 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan


13) Breakfast at Tiffany’s Apartment – 15 minute walk

Though most of the shots of Holly Golighty’s famous apartment were filmed in Hollywood, the exterior of her Breakfast at Tiffany apartment is right here in NYC. Make sure to visit this sentimental spot.

Where: Holly’s Apartment; 69 East 71st Street, Manhattan


14) Glass Waterfall Tunnel – 15 minute walk

Sometimes what we need to feel refreshed is a slight change in our routine. Hidden on the Western side of the McGraw-Hill Building, you will find a waterfall tunnel made of glass. It’s cute and beautiful and can add a bit of fun to your day.

Where: McGraw-Hill Building; West 48th Street, Midtown


15) Balto’s Statue – 15 minute walk

Most of us know the story of the brave sled dog who helped carry the antitoxin to help the terrible diphtheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska in 1925. If you want to visit the sculpture honoring Balto, make sure to take the little ones and share with them the almost mythical story of how Balto saved Alaska.

Where: Balto’s Statue; , West of East Drive, 67th Street, Central Park


Staying in New York City – About The Lombardy Hotel

The Lombardy Hotel’s centralized Manhattan locations means you don’t have to travel far to find the best of Manhattan. We are minutes away from so many activities, not to mention restaurants and views, that you won’t need to go far to make the most of your vacation. If you’re in the search for a NYC hotel, you couldn’t find a more convenient one. We look forward to hosting you!

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