Visiting a new place is exciting and thrilling, but perhaps a little bit intimidating. And even if you have visited NYC before, there are still ways to make your trips better and better. Let’s face it, getting help can always come in handy. Modern technology is with us at every step, and we often don’t leave without our phones. So, here are 8 apps that you should download before your visit to New York City.

1) I Love NY

With the official I Love NY app, you will be able to find hundreds of events and activities around NYC. What’s great about this app is that you can schedule special events right into your calendar app, as well. You can also filter your interests in the app interface, to search for restaurants, stations, or historical landmarks, all in the New York City area.


2) NYC Ferry

Ferries in NYC are underrated. They are a wonderful way to explore the city and to see the beautiful landscape New York has to offer. If you are interested in riding a ferry, download the NYC Ferry app! It will allow you to purchase tickets, review schedules, and see the routes you will be taking as well. You can also sign up for information notifications and special offer deals.


3) New York Free WiFi

Free WiFi is the absolute best. However, if you are in an emergency and don’t know your way around, free WiFi may be hard to come by. That’s why you should download the New York Free WiFi app. Not only will it display the different WiFi spots, but also the ones that serve coffee. Meaning, you can use this app to find a coffee shop near your location so you can work and enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee at the same time.


4) CitiBike

Exploring the Big Apple on a bicycle is definitely one of our favorite activities. Exercise while venturing the city and avoiding all the annoying traffic jams. The CitiBike app lets you know where you can rent a bike in the city as well as the best routes to take and even restaurants you can visit. Receive real-time updates and availability notifications and let your adventure begin!


5) Sit or Squat

You never know when you have to go. Sit or Squat is one quirky yet incredibly useful app. This app will show you the different public restrooms available near you, plus give you advice if it’s clean enough to sit or if you should squat. The app also encourages you to leave your own reviews and comments to help other users and feed the app with updated information.



Sometimes the best discounts and offers happen underneath your nose. Using the TKTS app you will make sure that never happens to you again. This app shows the last minute discounts on different theater and musical performances. Though it won’t let you do in-app purchases or help you cut in line, it will display how long the waiting line is so you can plan your day out better.


7) OpenTable

Book a table at hundreds of different restaurants and cafes around NYC with the tap of a finger. Make sure your dinner plans are safe and sound by checking available tables and times and forget waiting in line for your lunch. Use the OpenTable app and the best thing is it works worldwide, so it will help you both in NYC and your own city area!


8) QuickTip Calculator

Giving tips can be tricky, especially if you are not used to it in your country. That’s why you should download the QuickTip Calculator. Just add your bill and you can choose between tipping 15, 18, or 20 percent. The app will make the math for you and this way you will know exactly how much you want to tip. Plan your meal budget and use QuickTip to include your tip into your budget.


Staying in New York City – About The Lombardy Hotel

The Lombardy Hotel is located in Midtown Manhattan, close to some of the best restaurants, theaters, and historical monuments of New York City. Your visit to New York will never be the same after staying in our perfectly decorated suites and studio rooms. Comfort and convenience at your service, we look forward to hosting you.

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