As one of the most famous vertical cities in the world, there are thousands of places to go to get great views of NYC. However, what are the best ones? You don’t have time to go up every single building looking for the best views, so we’ve collected them here for you.


1) One World Observatory

If we are basing this list on height alone, then the One World Observatory deserves the top position, without a doubt. It is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, after all. The observatory sits at floors 100 through 102 and offers a 360 degree view of New York City.


The One World Observatory offers more than just views. Tours, hi def imagery of the streets below, and stories of those who built the Tower are among the activities you can look forward to at this majestic, yet sobering, NYC landmark.


Where? One World Observatory; 285 Fulton Street, Manhattan (30 minute drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Every day 8am – 9pm   


one world


2) The Empire State Building

While The Empire State Building hasn’t held the crown of tallest building in NYC for a while now, it is still an impressive view and the 4th tallest in New York City. Back in its heyday, it was the first building in the world to top 100 floors.


The Empire State Building has two observatories: one at the 86th and another at the 102nd floors. The building is open until 2am, so you can go up to get a beautiful, if chilly, view of the NYC night lights. We can’t think of a better night skyline view.


Where? The Empire State Building; 350 5th Ave., Manhattan (20 minute drive from The Lombardy Hotel)

When? Every day 8am – 2am   


empire state


3) Top of the Rock

We pass several buildings that are residential or work-only and make it to the 21st tallest building in the city, The Rockefeller Building. On one side, Central Park stretches in front of you. On the other side, you can see all of New York’s famous skyscrapers.


Visitors suggest heading up an hour before sunset in order get through the lines and catch the sun going down. The Rock boosts an indoor and outdoor viewing deck, in addition to the open-air roof deck on the 70th floor.


Where? Top of the Rock; 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan (15 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)  

When? Every day 8am – 12:30am   


top of the rock


4) Roosevelt Tram

While not a building or observation deck, the tram to Roosevelt Island gets some pretty incredible views. And you don’t have to pay the potentially expensive tickets that the buildings charge. $2.75 a ride and you can have amazing views of the Upper East Side streets and the Chrysler Building. You won’t beat that anywhere.

Where? Roosevelt Tram; E 59th Street and 2nd Avenue, Manhattan (10 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)  

When? Sunday – Thursday 6am – 2am; Friday & Saturday 6am – 3:30am


5) Manhattan Bridge

Again, we move to an unorthodox view point with the Manhattan Bridge. Not only do you get a really cool view of Manhattan from the side, but you get one of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge as well. The pedestrian walkway is safe for walkers and, best of all, is completely free.  Get some exercise and great views at the same time.

Where? Manhattan Bridge; Lower Manhattan (25 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)  


manhattan bridge


6) The High Line  

This is not a tall view, but it is an interesting view. The High Line is a park that was built in an old elevated train track line. It runs across Manhattan’s West Side and gives you some close up views of buildings and a bird’s eye view of the streets below. The park itself is precious with green lawn, thriving plant life, and colorful flowers.

Where? High Line; Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues, Manhattan (25 min drive from The Lombardy Hotel)  


high line



Staying in New York City – About The Lombardy Hotel

Personally, we think we have a lovely view from our hotel in Midtown Manhattan. But we are here to help if you are looking for something a little taller. As to the rest of your trip, The Lombardy is here to provide you with the comfortable beds, cool rooms, and convenient location that will make your trip the best in your life. We look forward to hosting you!

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